Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Boot Camp Rancho Cucamonga - One of the chief reasons why people work out is losing weight. But then many complain that despite working out for a considerable amount of time, they simply fail to lose weight. In fact if you are one of them, you might know how frustrating it is to step on the scale every morning to find out that you've made zero progress. What you probably do not know yet is that the scales do not tell the whole story. When you work out, your body is subject to changes almost every day. So you need to measure your weight loss progress a bit differently, in order to track those changes.

The most important thing to do is to track your body fat. Scale-weight is nice to know but knowing your body fat percentage is imperative if your fight is against obesity. The reason behind this is that you can be overweight without having extra fat!

For example, if you are a bodybuilder, you can weigh in at 250 pounds due to your muscles. But when measured against a typical height-weight chart, you can be considered overweight. Does this mean that you are fat?

Knowing your body fat can help you understand how much of it you need to lose and constantly keep a tab on your training progress. And it's really easy too! just walk into any health club or sports medicine clinic and get your fat tested by means of processes such as:

Bio-electric impedance scales

Dual Energy X-rays

Hydrostatic Weighing

You should also know that the healthy body-fat range is 25-31% for women and 18-25% for men. To get the best out of body fat measurement make sure that,

You do it once a week or every alternate week.

The same person tests you using the same method every time, for comparable results.

You keep a track of the test results for comparison and analysis.

Does this mean that you have to ditch the scales in order to track your weight loss progress? Well, not exactly. Scales can be helpful if you understand that,

Scales measure total body weight (fat, muscles, and bones).

Scales cannot tell you about what you are actually trying to lose, i.e. fat.

Here are some things that can cause your weight to fluctuate significantly when you are using a weighing scale at two different times of the day.

Since your body is 60% water, changes in your hydration level can influence the number on the scale. For example, when you have eaten too much salt, your body retains water and so the scale will show a number that is higher than your actual weight. The same can happen to women during menstrual cycles, when they retain water.

It is also not a good idea to weigh yourself after you have had a meal. This is because; the scale will show the weight of the food too!

Your fitness trainer might be of real help in showing you how to keep track of your weight loss progress. Other than that, these tips will probably be of use too!

Weight loss is easily achieved when working out with a boot camp such as this boot camp Rancho Cucamonga.


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